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May - June 2006 Issue of
The Third Dimension, newsletter of
[Texas Society of Sculptors]



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    Contents on this page include:
  • Atelier 3-D Sculpture Studio Features Classes, Work Space
  • 11 Sculptors Participate at Stone Sculpture Challenge 2006
  • Austin Museum Day Sculpture Show
  • Welsh Artist Edward Povey Inspires Texas Artists
  • More Member & Sculpture News
  • Submission Guidelines

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[The Third Dimension]

Atelier 3-D Sculpture Studio Features Classes, Work Space

by Steve Dubov

Atelier 3-d has just opened its Studio in Austin, Texas, at 2209 Pasadena Drive. We're offering instruction for sculptors working in ceramics, wood, stone, molds and more. All 4- or 8-week classes are taught by Stephen Dubov. For classes starting June 7, visit our website at www.atelier3-d.com.

ANYWAY, call us and come visit
Stephen Dubov
Atelier 3-D, LLC
2209 Pasadena Drive, Austin TX 78757
(512) 374-0580

11 Sculptors Participate at Stone Sculpture Challenge 2006

by Philip Hoggatt

Stone Sculpture Challenge was held March 11th on the grounds of Carved Stone in Dripping Springs. Carved Stone is owned by TSOS member Philip Hoggatt and his wife Michele. A pleasant day weather wise, the Jim Halfpenny Band played most of the day with Spanish classical guitarist Solovato closing out the show. A food vendor was also present. Turnout was considered light for this first time event but allowed an intimate feel for a day in the country with live music, sculpture, art, and food.

In all, 11 sculptors entered the Challenge including TSOS members Joe Wigley, Ricardo Puemape, Willy Gunther, and Philip Hoggatt. Sculptors in the Challenge were issued a limestone upright to carve their creations. Fees from the Challenge benefited Texas Hearing and Service Dogs.

TSOS member Cat Quintanilla provided stone carving demonstrations with some of her students. In the Sculpture Challenge, Melodie Greider, a member of the Artists of Dripping Springs, had the highest selling sculpture with a colorful ceramic inlay. For more event photos visit

[stone carving challenge]
Going Swimming by TSOS member Ricardo Puemape was one of the limestone sculptures featured at Stone Sculpture Challenge 2006. Photo by Philip Hoggatt.


TSOS will host a special juried one day event at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden & Museum in September 10, 2006 in conjunction with Austin Museum Day. Juror/jurors to be announced in the next newsletter. Participating artists must demonstrate or give an artist's talk at an assigned time during the show. You may submit your entry to TSOS, PO Box 49291, Austin, TX 786765-9291 along with up to 3 of your newest and best pieces of artwork.

Show date: Sunday, September 10, 2006
Show time: Set up begins at 8 am, open to public 10:00 am to 4:00 pm, take down after 4:00 pm
Submission Fee: $25.00 for one to three pieces of artwork, send slides or 35 mm photos labeled with the artist's name and same information as below. You may submit a CD with .jpg formatted images and a printed 8-1/2" x 11" page with the information below to accompany it. The juror's selection is final!
Deadline: June 30, 2006. Artists will be notified of acceptance or declination by July 15, 2006.

Welsh Artist Edward Povey Inspires Texas Artists

by Terry Wilemon and Theresa Bayer

Edward Povey, a renowned artist and sculptor from Wales gave a two-hour talk on Wednesday April 26th sponsored by Atelier 3-D in Austin. The topic was "How to find your success in the world of art without loosing your integrity." The talk was very well attended, both by sculptors and painters, plus artists of other disciplines such as pottery, music, and writing.

    Points covered were:
  1. Look deep into who you are. Take some serious time to meditate on this.
  2. Decide what to do. It's a candy store -- lighten up and pick something out. Have fun with it. Just make the decision. Then stick to it. Don't be indecisive. Don't spin your wheels.
  3. Make art from the heart, absolutely no commercial compromise.
  4. Even in a commission, don't compromise your vision. Give them more value than what they paid for.
  5. Absolute excellence, always.
  6. Aim for the top, then if you don't make it you'll still be higher than if you aimed for the middle.
  7. Don't waste your time.
  8. A rejection from one venue means just that, and nothing more.
  9. It's hard at first overcoming inertia. Once you get started on something it gets easier the more you do it.
  10. If you're going to the movies, you don't let traffic or red lights or crowded parking lots or long lines prevent you from seeing the movie. Same as with career.
  11. You can't go somewhere in reality until you are able go there philosophically.
  12. Don't look at another artist's work and say yeah that sells, I think I'll do that. Instead, decide what you want to do from the heart. Then if you see any other artists' works that inspire you, take from them.
  13. The saffron metaphor. A saffron robe is dyed, then bleached in the sun and it's cream colored. Then dyed, then bleached. Several times, until the saffron color is permanent and won't fade. That is how other artists' work can inspire you. It will leave its trace, but the majority of the inspiration is yours.

At the end of the talk was a question and answer session.

Born in London in 1951, Edward's career in art was underway by the age of 23. His work now hangs in museums, corporate collections and five hundred private collections in sixteen countries. His framed oil paintings are currently priced between $2000 and $25,000. Edward is a member of the Royal Cambrian Academy of Wales (The Welsh version of The Royal Academy of Art in London).


Wind by Rita Marie Ross

Medium: woven copper
Date: March 2006
Size: 23'H x 28" L x 12'W
Photographer: Carol Felauer

[metal sculpture by Rita Marie Ross]

R. David Mattiza at Salado Gallery Walk

TSOS member and Katy resident, R. David Mattiza will be near Austin in May. His work is represented by Miller Fine Art Gallery in Salado, Texas and will be featured in the semi-annual Salado Gallery Walk May 13th. Both David and his wife Theresa invite everyone to come by and say hello. Although it is difficult to participate in activities of TSOS, they keep up with everything and would love to meet and 'remeet' you during the show.

[R. David Mattiza sculptor]
Above: "Shaliko" by R. David Mattiza, shown next to his sculpture of the School Mascot commissioned and installed in the Rotunda by Cinco Ranch High School, Katy, Texas. Bronze, 6' Tall. August 2005. Photo Credit Theresa Mattiza/Rams Reyna

[Ho Baron bronze Sculpture]
Above: Ho Baron. "Free Thinker" Bronze. 2003. 84 x 28 x 36". Photo by the artist

The Free Thinker and A Novel Romance

by Ho Baron

TSOS member Ho Baron gave The Free Thinker to the American Visionary Art Museum last year. He'd been asked to exhibit the work in 2004 in the museum's year long "H20" show. The work took on the show's "water" theme by being presented as "Thoughts from the Deep." When the show closed and the artist and the museum director decided to leave the work there on permanent exhibition, the bronze again became The Free Thinker.

Incidentally, the sculpture was originally intended to stand at the entrance of the El Paso Public Library upon the completion of the library's renovation this year. Instead the work had found a home at AVAM in Baltimore.

A Novel Romance was offered instead to sweeten the grounds of El Paso's main library, and it will be unveiled at the library's re-opening in June. The title is an obvious play on a book genre, the "romance novel," and in explaining the work, Ho tells the story that the sculpture depicts two dancing fantasy figures in love. All the little faces looking up at them in the base of the sculpture is the world gazing in adoration at the characters in dance.

Ho lives and works in El Paso, and his other works can be viewed at www.hobaron.com.

[Ho Baron bronze Sculpture]
Above: Ho Baron. "A Novel Romance" Bronze. 2005. 75 x 90 x 40". Photo by the artist

[Nevermore sculpture by Stan Briney]
Above: "Nevermore, Nevermore" by Stan Briney. Bronze, 21" H x 17" L x 12" W. Photo by Greg Beck.

Stan Briney Sculptures at Red River Valley Museum

TSOS member Stan Briney's sculpture Nevermore, Nevermore has been selected along with another of his Let's Go Boss for the show May 15th through June 30th at the Red River Valley Museum in Vernon, Texas. Various art pieces have been juried for this show representing 26 states and Europe. The annual Denim and Diamonds gala will kick off the show on the 12th of May and introduce many of the artists.

The Nevermore, Nevermore bronze is 21" H x 17" L x 12" W, solid bronze mounted on granite and walnut base. It was created after Edgar Allen Poe's famous poem about the raven who comes and sits upon the bust of the goddess Athena above Poe's chamber door. The patina finish on Athena appears and actually feels to the touch like Italian marble.

The second piece Let's Go Boss depicts a cowboy bent over fastening his chaps. His trusty cowdog sits beside him with the end of a lariat held in his mouth ready to go to work. Stan Briney lives on his cattle ranch where he also has astudio and small gallery.

The Red River Valley Museum is located at 4600 College Drive in Vernon, Texas.

[sculpture by Nancy Cardozier]

Nancy Cardozier Sculptures

During four weeks of the 2006 Lenten season, TSOS member Nancy Cardozier had a group of religion-themed sculptures on view at the Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, just north of the University of Texas campus. Most of the works were medallions which depicted the artistıs favorite passages of scripture.

Live Oak Art Center 2006 Annual

Several TSOS members, all from the Austin area, were selected for the Live Oak Art Center 2006 Annual exhibition including Lisa Brummel, Bob Coffee and Siri Dehipitiya. Past TSOS member Pat Johnson also is represented in the exhibit.

The Live Oak Art Center is located just off the town square in historic Columbus, Texas, located at IH-10 and Hwy 71 in central Texas. With 80historical markers, beautifully restored homes, centuries old Live Oaks, and a past as colorful as the wildflowers lining the roadway. We hope you will join us for the 2006 Juried Art Exhibition.

A gala opening is planned for the weekend of May 19-21 during The Live Oak Festival, an event to recognize the art and music of our area. The reception for the artists and juror is Saturday, May 20 from 4 till 7 pm. The exhibit was sponsored in part by the Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau. Visit our website at www.columbustexas.org.

The Live Oak Art Center 2006 Annual is a juried competition that offers high public visibility in central Texas and a chance to share in more than $1750 in cash awards. The cash awards will be as follows: $1000 First Prize, $500 Second Prize, and $250 Third Prize.

The exhibition was juried by noted Houston artist and sculptor, Richard Stout. Over 108 slides were reviewed with 50 works selected. Entries were in all mediums including painting, photography, sculpture, clay andworks on paper. All entries are original works by artists residing within 120 miles of Columbus. This will give us a great overview of what is happening in art in our region.

History: In 1848, Scotsman Robert Robson built a castle on the river and began providing homes to local and itinerant artists. Today, creative spirits can rejuvenate at the Live Oak Art Center, housed in the historic Brunson Building.Established in 1954, the center promotes the arts for local talent, emerging artist and established Texas artists alike.

[sculpture by Bob Coffee]
Above: "Pop the Whip" in bronze by TSOS member Bob Coffee won first place in Texas Sculpture Association (TSA) members' show in 2005 and was featured in TSA Winners' Show in 2006 at the Thompson Gallery in Dallas, Texas. Size 5' long, 3' high, 2' wide. Photo by J.R. Compton.

[sculpture by Pat Johnson]
Above: "Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall" by Pat Johnson. Ceramic, 2006. (4) 6" x 20" Photo by Rick Wells.

[sculpture by John Houser]
Above: "Andalucian Horse" by John Houser

Sculptors' Dominion Show Gains Local Acceptance, International Participation

Cat Quintanilla (at right) and two unidentified friends stand in front of John Houser's Andalucian Horse, made of fiberglass. Picture taken at 2006 Sculptors' Dominion in San Antonio, Texas. Although the public Dominion show is over, many of its sculptures are still available to be viewed by appointment.

Initially dismissed as a rebel on the San Antonio art scene, Gilbert E. Barrera and his Dominion show have come to be recognized by press and art critics alike for their valuable contributions to sculpture both in Texas and internationally. Check out the show's website to see articles by San Antonio newspapers. www.sculptorsdominion.com

Call 210 696-9813 if you'd like to make an appointment for private viewing.

[sculpture by Cat Quintanilla]
Above: TSOS member Cat Quintanilla at the All School Show at the San Antonio School of Art and Craft where she is an adjunct faculty.

TSOS member Cat Quintanilla will be teaching two 12-week classes in the fall: a beginning stone carving and a water elementing class. Both classes are going to be on Mondays and the beginning class will include basics in limestone and alabaster. The water elementing class will produce both a primitive garden trough and a drilled limestone water feature. The latter class will be for beginners and intermediate level students.

Her students this year had two field trips in which they carved stone in a live class at both the Sculpture Challenge in Dripping Springs and at the Dominion in San Antonio. The provided an opportunity to carve stone while crowds of people milled by and asked about stone carving.

For info: San Antonion School of Art and Craft
300 Agusta, San Antonio, Texas 78605
E-mail: information@swschool.org; www.swschool.org; Tel. 210.224.1848

[sculpture by Kelly Borsheim]
Above: "Kiss Me Blue" by TSOS member Kelly Borsheim; Australian Blue Marble; 14.5" h x 15" x 10" More art online at borsheimarts.com

Kiss Me Blue by Kelly Borsheim

Stone Carver Kelly Borsheim will be teaching a class on "Be the Master of Your Domain" (How to Create a Web Site). Visit her site for more details.

Submission guidelines:

Third Dimension Guidelines

E-mail: editor@tsos.org

Articles: Type your info directly into e-mail. Do not send forwarded e-mails. NO attached documents or html text. Make sure your article or announcement is sculpture related. Editor is not responsible for incomplete or inaccurate information, nor for missed deadlines; please make sure your submission is accurate and timely. Deadline: First of every even numbered month.

Images: E-mail editor first before sending them. Photos need to be at 900 x 1200 pixels to print out cleanly at 3 x 4 in. Max quality JPEG preferred. Include photo caption with title, medium, size, and date of artwork, AND photo credits with all image submissions.

Postal Mail Submissions: contact editor@tsos.org for details.

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